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Meeting the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo or Jokowi , with some ambassadors of foreign countries may lead to a negative impression . On the other hand , the meeting was also able to provide a positive image for the Jakarta governor .

Observers of political communication at the University of Paramadina , Hendri Satrio , said the talks closed for approximately three hours between Jokowi and foreign ambassadors were able to boost the country ‘s image in the eyes of foreign Jokowi . According to him , during the image Jokowi only synonymous with someone who likes to blusukan and simple , while its international capability is still in question .

"If we look at the positive side , Jokowi want to have the ability to have an international communication . By meeting with the ambassador , he will get a positive image ," said Hendri , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

Hendri assess the ability of international communication is one of the essential conditions for a president . If it succeeds in forming the image , Jokowi will get a plus .

However , said Hendri , Jokowi way to expose the encounter mass media can also be a blunder . He worried about the future Jokowi will be considered as pro - foreign . Worse still , the public may be wondering , is there a certain agreement made ​​by Jokowi and the ambassadors .

" On the negative side , kepilih have not , why have found another country . Raising a weird issue Jokowi meeting with ambassadors of these countries . Yes what’s the deal ? Was political communication PDI - P change , communication baseball ‘s obscure , " he said .

On Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) night , Jokowi with Chairman of the PDI - P and Megawati Sukarnoputri’s PDI - P number of officials held a meeting at a house in Jalan Sicron , Kebayoran Lama , South Jakarta . There they met with the ambassadors of foreign countries to Indonesia , among others, the Ambassador of Turkey, USA , Peru , Mexico , Norway , and England .

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Jokowi said the meeting was an opportunity for him to study international relations at the same time exploring the governance of friendly countries to support his candidacy for president . Vice Chairman of winning elections PDIP TB Hasanuddin said the meeting would not make Jokowi will easily intervened by foreign parties .


Chairman and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , ensuring the implementation of the convention held party presidential candidate will be continued until a winner is obtained .

Certainty is taken in continuation convention discussion meeting at Yudhoyono ‘s private residence , Puri Cikeas , Bogor , West Java , on Tuesday evening , 15 April 2014 . SBY So what considerations went conventions ?

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Honorary Board Member Democrats , Suaed Marasabessy , said Yudhoyono insisted that the convention be continued until completion even polemic search event that encourages the Democratic presidential candidate was discontinued . ( Read also : Democrats Still Continue Convention ) .

" Pak SBY wants Democrats clinging to the initial plan has been created , which is implementing the convention to finish , " said Suaedi Tempo , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Suaedi , who is also Secretary of the Convention Committee , is one of the participants of the meeting last night led SBY .

According Suaedi , SBY assume no instrument in the convention that can be used to determine the choice of Democratic politics after the legislative elections . The instrument in question is a survey of eleven SBY convention attendees , which also determines the winner of the convention . ( Read : Unclear Coalition , Democrats Continue Convention ) .

" This instrument into the input very meaningful for Democratic political policy in the future, " he said . " Does being a part of the existing three- axis , forming a fourth axis , or not in the existing shaft . "


The government’s plan to control the fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy to prohibit luxury car consume fuel PSO is still limited discourse .

Met in APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) in 2014 , in JIExpo Kemayoran , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) , Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) , Susilo Siswoutomo denied news that the government would prohibit luxury cars downing premium . ” Well , that’s about the ban baseball there , ” said Susilo .

" It’s heart problem . If you buy a luxury car that’s fuel subsidy feel like a rich man poor . Although banned , if his heart is still breaking, so it’s useless , " he said .

Consumption of subsidized fuel is feared to swell from the value , due to the depreciation of the rupiah which is far from the limit of the budget .

Asked how to control fuel consumption subsidies , Susilo represent precisely the central government handed over the matter to the local government .

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" First , we must hurry to ask the local government to batesin fuel subsidies . Secondly , we performed a cashless transction . We tried to control the 48 million kiloliters it , " he said .


PKS spokesman , Mardhani , megatakan ready to become the opposition party in the government from 2014 to 2019 . ” MCC is not thinking of the coalition, but how to build an effective government . When should the opposition , we are ready , ” said Mardhani in discussions Sindo Radio Network at Warung Daun , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Saturday, April 12, 2014 .

According Mardhani , his party has been almost ten years to feel the joys and sorrows coalition . However , he said , during the MCC did not feel the effectiveness of building a coalition government .

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In the later government policy created the MCC wants more pro . The government must have the courage to be assertive in making policy . ” The journey for this be a lesson , too long we waste time . We want government run fast . “

When will be the opposition , MCC will maximize the role of parliament . Lawmakers criticized the MCC will be more focused and prepared a pro-people legislation .

However , said Mardhani , any measures taken will be decided in the party’s Shura Council meeting in May. ” Is the coalition or the opposition , all depending Shura Council ‘s decision , ” he said .


Statement of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in front of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate , 8 April 2014 turned out to have angered Israel . When the Kerry while he blamed both parties also stated that the intention of Israel to build 700 new Jewish settlements in the Jerusalem area has complicated the process of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks .

Israel responded that the Palestinian ones who violates a fundamental commitment by signing the peace talks were party to 15 international conventions and agreements in early April. While Palestinians claimed that their actions were in response to the cancellation of the release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel according to the agreement and plan of construction of Jewish settlements in the announcement of Jerusalem .

Why does Israel fear when Palestine becomes a party to various international conventions and treaties ? Israel knows that to be the party that it recognized Palestine as a state and the easier it will be party to the ICC (International Criminal Court / ICC ) , so they can sue for the actions of the Israeli war crimes and prevent crime in the future .

Palestinians never tried to sue Israel in the ICC above case casualties Hamas in Gaza in 2008-2009 after the attack by the Israeli Operation Cast Lead code . After three years of fighting in the realm of law between the parties , the ICC prosecutor , Louis Moreno Ocampo in the month of April 2012 stated that the investigation could not be performed because Palestine is not a state and only the state can ask for an investigation .

Ocampo ‘s decision implicitly also means that if the General Assembly ( MU ) UN receives Palestine , he might issue a different decision .

Well , when Manchester United Nations to accept Palestine as a member instead of countries ( non -member state ) on November 29 , 2012, many people claim that the Palestinians are now able to ICC again and asked that the investigation is not just a case of “Operation Cast Lead ” offensive operations but also another Israeli ie Pillar of Israeli Defense on 14 to 21 November 2012.

Movement of Palestine to join various organizations and international agreements can strengthen the idea or understanding that Palestine is a country that is widely recognized in the United Nations system and international treaties . It will also strengthen the Palestinian efforts in becoming a party to the Rome Statute governing the ICC and ask for an investigation against Israel for alleged war crimes .

Top of the movement, Palestine seems to be ready with a wide range of possibilities that must ditapaki steep road to be able to sue Israel . Israel also can perform blocking in various ways , for example with the threat of suspension of peace talks . The U.S. and Israel also halt funding to the Palestinians .

The Palestinians also need to anticipate the principle of ” complementarity ” is that the ICC can only conduct investigations into an individual from a country which was considered not to conduct its own investigation . In addition there is also the principle of ” non - retroactivity ” ICC , where with the Palestinians as stated ICC can only prosecute the case back, the most distant until 29 November 2012 , and can not prosecute the case since the establishment of the ICC in 2002.

No matter how steep the road that must be taken , Palestinian efforts to join the various organizations and international agreements can be considered as an attempt emphasis on roads and political means and not resort to violence to resist the occupation as well as the recognition of the United Nations translate step into a country truly sovereign .

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US-sponsored peace process can not produce a true peace if one party only tertaik on the process and not really aimed at achieving peace . Palestinian efforts related international organizations should not be interpreted to supersede or even get rid of the negotiation process , but to strengthen the bargaining power over the Palestinians is indeed weak .


Perth - Two mysterious signals are successfully detected in the sea in the Indian Ocean raising hopes the discovery of debris or black box flight Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) MH370 . So far total there are four signals that can be a guide to map the location of the fall of the MH370 .

" Ocean Shield managed to get back the signal on two different occasions , yesterday afternoon and last night , " said the head of the combined team of the Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) , Angus Houston as reported by AFP on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

If deepened , the four signals are detected at four different points . But still in a location that is in the search area defined by the JACC MH370 . The search area is located in the southwest mainland Perth , Australia .

Detection of four signals will help the team in charge of mapping the crash site MH370 in the Indian Ocean . In recent days , search teams worry if the signals are initially detected on Saturday ( 5/4 ) and can not be detected again .

But the new transmission obtained on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) is slightly remove such concerns . Two new signals were detected on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) afternoon and evening , respectively duration of 5 minutes 32 seconds and 7 minutes . If considered in the graphic image released by the Australian authorities , both the signal detected at remote locations . However, these signals remain on track , which is thought to be the route of the MH370 in the Indian Ocean .

The results of the analysis of these signals does not take swift . But so confirmed , the location of the detected signal can be used as a reference in order to narrow the search area search task MH370 debris and black boxes could be getting easier .

" The signal was detected yesterday will help a lot in determining the reduction and determine a more manageable area on the sea floor , " said Houston .

Houston further encourage prudence in the hunt for these signals in order not to hurt the feelings of families of passengers MH370 . Houston said the search operation will continue to detect other signals from the ocean . (see also: pakan burung kacer)

" Hopefully with more transmission , we will be able to get a smaller area and narrow , and hopefully in a few days , we will be able to find something in the sea floor that can confirm that this is indeed the final resting location MH370 , " hope Houston .


By : Toto Sugiarto

METHODS conventional mass mobilization campaign for the rally began to feel empty . Behind the mass crowd with a variety of attributes , meaning lonely .

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Hustle ideas, ideas , and vision - mission was beginning to move into virtual spaces . Discussion , debate , and even recrimination frontally so freely occur in a variety of social media .

For the relatively educated , campaigns use social media more effectively than billboards and banners . People who are relatively well-educated and well informed will not believe the content of billboards or banners , but rather believe in the words of friends or colleagues in social media .

Here it can be said that any one can affect the others. So , in joke , in social media is no longer valid one man one vote , but one person can have the equivalent power of tens , hundreds , or thousands of more people .

This excess of social media : effective as a means of exchange of ideas . The spread of ideas , including content campaigns via social media , takes place very rapidly and almost indefinitely . On Twitter , for example , simply by downloading a twit , information spread widely throughout a follower , so it goes with the workings of such a multi - level marketing .

The effectiveness of social media not only because of the massive number of users . Characteristics of social media itself is also a strength . Social media is a means of communication in which individuals influence each other . Everyone has influence around him .

not instant

In addition , users of social media are well informed and educated is not easily deceived , but easily influenced and sympathy on the things that make them untouchable . Fame and political power that is now attached to the Jokowi , for example , contributed in large by social media conversations that lead to the admiration of every person on the authenticity and seriousness Jokowi far in taking care of people .

In the social media space is only appropriate information is valuable facts . To achieve the confidence that the information is appropriate facts , the debate often arises . In many ways that attract public attention occurred thesis antithesis countered by the argument . Wonders often appears in the form of social media to achieve synthesis . No need to be someone who concluded , but the debate often appears ” silent agreement ” between the parties are arguing along the ” listeners ” .

This is the synthesis . Such a process is running in a fairly long time span .

Because it is to have a long time span , social media does not have a significant influence on the nature of the mobilization campaign . Work in social media moves slowly to discuss the vision , mission , idea , ideology . Users of social media is not one that can be herded , but moves with its own volition and consciousness .

Social media is only significant effect for the politicians who work all the time . Instant job five years instead of once . They were intense and spread the ideas discussed in depth in a particular area over time will get the results during elections .

Social media is not suitable for the politicians ” empty ” , but only for those who have the ability to think and dialectic . Social media is also not suitable for selfish , but for those who have a sensitivity and concern for the various problems faced by the community . Only politicians who have sympathy and empathy for the problems of the people who will reap the sympathy and empathy public .

The nature of campaigns in social media can be a reversal of the campaign in the real world . If in the real world campaign so noisy , loud voice but without any real evidence , in social media is the antithesis of the noisy and noisy , which is meaningful . Each sound has meaning , has its own proof .

Politics in social media can be a true political , the politics that actually contains the ideas and concrete action for the common good . This is politics that has smashed . Social issues into the public burdens often get the solution in social media .


On the other hand there needs to be clear and comprehensive regulations . Cheating and there can be a violation of existing regulations currently has many loopholes . There can be a social media campaign in the time period of calm and pick - count . Permenkominfo No. 14/2014 on the election campaign through the use of telecommunications services should be promoted and strengthened with Commission rules and regulations Bawaslu .

Potential violations related to the clarity of the actors and other campaign materials . There should be clear rules to prevent a defamatory campaign , particularly by the accounts anonymous .

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For the record , social media can be a solution to minimize injustice . Social media can be a counterweight that television broadcasters are now no longer able to maintain the independence and fairness . Television owned by entrepreneurs who are now entering the various parties . This condition causes the television media has become the mouthpiece of the political party owner . This is where the importance of social media .


Sebuah laporan baru menyoroti kebutuhan untuk signifikan skala -up permintaan untuk memenuhi pasokan peningkatan pengurangan emisi karbon dari aktivitas global REDD + .

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Laporan tersebut , yang dikeluarkan hari ini , melihat ke dalam keberlanjutan jangka panjang dari kegiatan yang dilaksanakan di bawah Pengurangan Emisi dari Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan ( REDD + ) konsep , dan menyimpulkan pemerintah dan sektor swasta harus bertindak untuk memastikan ada insentif yang cukup untuk kegiatan REDD + , sebelum hasil benar-benar sukses dapat dicapai .

REDD + menawarkan insentif keuangan bagi negara-negara berkembang untuk mengurangi emisi karbon melalui melindungi dan memulihkan hutan . Antara 15-25 % dari emisi karbon global yang dikaitkan dengan deforestasi , yang merupakan pendorong yang signifikan dari perubahan iklim .

Laporan , yang disusun oleh Global Canopy Programme ( GCP ) , Amazon Penelitian Lingkungan Institute ( IPAM ) , Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) dan UNEP Finance Initiative , meminta pemerintah dan sektor swasta untuk secara signifikan meningkatkan keuangan tersedia untuk merangsang permintaan pengurangan emisi dan memenuhi pasokan yang dihasilkan oleh proyek-proyek REDD + yang sudah membantu mengurangi deforestasi . Jika tindakan tidak diambil , ada risiko asli REDD + menjadi kegagalan .

Mengungkapkan bahwa permintaan saat ini untuk REDD + pengurangan emisi dapat menjelaskan sesedikit 3 % dari pasokan antara tahun 2015 dan 2020 , laporan tersebut menjelaskan tanpa tindakan lebih lanjut ini bisa menjadi kesempatan yang tidak terjawab dalam benar-benar memenuhi tantangan kepala deforestasi di . Risiko melakukan apa-apa , ia mengatakan , adalah mengerikan .

Jika tingkat deforestasi global berkurang sebesar 50 % pada tahun 2020 , memenuhi target yang diusulkan Uni Eropa , sebanyak 9.900 metrik ton ( atau MtCO2 - emisi Unit diukur dalam ) pengurangan emisi dari hutan dan penggunaan lahan dapat dihasilkan antara tahun 2015 dan 2020 . Hal ini dapat dicapai melalui kombinasi kebijakan yang diambil oleh negara-negara tropis hutan , beberapa menggunakan sumber daya dalam negeri , dan lain-lain melalui pembayaran insentif REDD + dari pemerintah negara maju .

Saat ini, bagaimanapun , total diperkirakan permintaan untuk REDD + pengurangan emisi untuk periode ini berdiri di sekitar 253 MtCO2 , yang berarti bahwa REDD + akan gagal untuk benar insentif tindakan untuk mengurangi deforestasi . Keuangan yang tersedia akan mendukung kurang dari 3 % dari pengurangan emisi selama periode ini , meninggalkan negara-negara hutan tropis untuk menemukan cara untuk mencapai sisa 97 % dari pembiayaan yang dibutuhkan untuk mengimbangi tindakan mereka untuk mengurangi deforestaion .

Jika REDD + adalah untuk memainkan peran penting dalam mengurangi deforestasi di negara-negara hutan tropis , perlu menyediakan lebih dari sebagian kecil dari permintaan untuk pengurangan emisi yang menyebabkan deforestasi dan degradasi .

Nick Oakes , Keuangan Manajer Program Global Canopy Programme mengatakan ” Pengurangan emisi dari deforestasi dan degradasi antara tahun 2015 dan 2020 harus menjadi prioritas strategis bagi pemerintah , mengingat bahwa emisi dari sektor ini , menurut laporan IPCC baru-baru ini , adalah yang terbesar kedua . “

" Namun, permintaan besar -besaran untuk REDD + diharapkan dapat terwujud hanya setelah pasar kepatuhan global yang datang untuk eksistensi , di bawah naungan UNFCCC , pada tahun 2020 . Saat ini , bagaimanapun , harus ada permintaan skala besar untuk pengurangan emisi REDD + sebelum 2020 , jika kesenjangan akan terus tumbuh antara penawaran dan permintaan . "

Mengabaikan kesenjangan ini , berpendapat penulis laporan itu , akan meninggalkan sedikit insentif bagi negara-negara hutan tropis untuk mengalihkan sumber daya terhadap REDD + pada periode sebelum tahun 2020, atau bagi sektor swasta untuk berinvestasi dalam proyek-proyek REDD + .

Untuk menghindari risiko ini , laporan ini menganjurkan bahwa pemerintah negara donor , pemerintah negara hutan dan lembaga keuangan publik bekerja sama untuk memberikan insentif , keuangan dan bantuan teknis untuk mengisi kesenjangan antara penawaran dan permintaan untuk pengurangan emisi REDD + .

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Laporan ini berisi beberapa pilihan untuk menghasilkan modal , serta pilihan untuk menyediakan insentif , keuangan dan bantuan teknis , seperti masuk dalam kontrak untuk membeli REDD + pengurangan emisi , menetapkan lantai harga untuk REDD + pengurangan emisi atau memberikan pinjaman lunak . Hal ini juga menguraikan lembaga pelaksana mungkin, seperti dana yang ada multinasional ( misalnya FCPF Carbon Fund ) , dana nasional yang dikelola oleh negara-negara hutan tropis , atau mekanisme offsetting bilateral ( misalnya Joint Crediting Mekanisme Jepang ) .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

Good news for the conservation of sea turtles emerge from East Kalimantan . Some 10,000 turtle eggs to be smuggled into East Kalimantan , especially to Samarinda , thwarted since the year 2012 . Early May, foiled an attempt of smuggling 1,880 sea turtle eggs from Bau - Bau , Southeast Sulawesi , East Kalimantan to Semayang through the Port , City of Aberdeen. Last week , a trader in Samarinda arrested and seized 500 before selling turtle eggs .

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In 2012 , there were five times discomfiture smuggling turtle eggs to East Kalimantan , all of Southeast Sulawesi . Total confiscated about 7,500 eggs . ” Everything ‘s 10,000 eggs . Amount is enormous , ” said Danang Anggoro , Section Head of Conservation of Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) Region III East Kalimantan , sepertiy reported in Kompas ( 04/06/2013 ) .

Turtle eggs circulating in Samarinda and surrounding believed to originate from Bau - Bau , Southeast Sulawesi . However , some people believe that turtle eggs are from Derawan Islands , Berau regency , East Kalimantan . Price three turtle eggs in Bau - Bau Rp 1,000 . Prices in Samarinda Rp 10,000 - Rp 12,000 per item . Eggs that are believed to increase stamina .

Previous ProFauna Indonesia in 2010 published the results of its survey on the rise of sea turtle eggs trade in Borneo . Of the 29 sites visited on the island of Borneo , 18 sites ( 62 %) were found turtle eggs trade activity . Then the pad dated February 1, 2011 , ProFauna invited to a meeting attended by representatives of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries , Ministry of Forestry , and the Ministry of Home Affairs , to discuss efforts to protect sea turtles and prevention of illegal trade in turtles and derivatives products ( shells , meat , and eggs ) .

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The results of the meeting later ditindaklanjut with the release of a circular from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Indonesia Number 523.3/5228/SJ about turtles and habitat management instructed the Governor to protect sea turtles in the region . The exit of the Home Office circular was then also diikuit with law enforcement efforts in several areas , including the positive results that have been achieved in the East Kalimantan .

source:http://www. profauna .org/