Trade Minister ( Minister ) Muhammad Lutfi said optimismis that food prices would be controlled in the period leading up to Ramadan upcoming Eid . If there is an increase , there was little possibility .

" Lebaran this year hopefully all under control . If no increase is only 5 to 10 percent . ‘s So farmers and traders we also can THR , " Lutfi said during a meeting with members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Kadin ) Indonesia, Monday ( 26 / 5/2014 ) .

Lutfi explained that the Ministry of Commerce to monitor at least 14 staple commodities . Of the 14 items , there are two important products , namely products durable and non-durable products .

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For durable products , the Ministry of Trade has been negotiated with the retailer to increase the supply of 30 percent to 50 percent . ” There are biscuits , bottled water , milk , clothing , and footwear . ‘s Part ( product ) durable . For perishable , there are many changes , for example, from H - 1 to H - 30 Lebaran , ” said Lutfi .

In general , Lutfi explains , there are seven items whose price is always to experience turbulence . In 2012 and 2013 there were seven items and in 2011 there were six items of goods are always volatile . Price fluctuations that occur between 5 to 10 percent .

" We ‘ve been watching the rise ( prices ) since the previous month . Fasting we ‘ve watched since the H - 30nya . Imports of beef and veal in the first quarter rose more than 3-fold compared to the first quarter of the previous year . ‘s Part of our duty so well preserved inflaau , " Lutfi said .c


Implementation of the regional election in Mimika , Papua , which was originally scheduled for Monday ( 26/5 ) pushed back into May 31, 2014 in respect of delays in the preparation of the election logistics .

Commission Chairman Adam Arisoy told Reuters Papua in Jayapura on Saturday said the second round of the elections that followed two candidate regent and vice- regent was forced to be delayed in order to wait for the readiness of the logistics are still in the process of completion .

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" This second round of elections should be implemented because it was delayed how many times , " said Adam Arisoy .

When asked recommendation from Bawaslu Papua linked to the five members of the Commission to temporarily disable the Mimika , Papua KPU chairman emphatically said it was not possible at this time because they have to hold a second round election .

In addition , the members of the Commission Mimika today face a number of political parties contesting the lawsuit legislative elections in 2014 related to the vote .

" Commission of Papua can not disable them because of two factors namely the implementation of the second round of the elections and the existence of a lawsuit in the Court , " said Adam Arisoy adding , however that the implementation of the second round of the elections can be done well then it will provide guidance to the start of the process of implementation.

Mimika second round followed by two pairs of candidates namely Abdul Muis - Hans Magal and Eltinus Uamang - John Bassang .


Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) requested that the Chairman of the determination suspects the United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali was associated with politics . Commission affirmed the determination of the suspects was a pure case law .

( read: burung kenari )

" Of course not . Suspects We use it when assigning a specific size . Nothing to do with politics , " KPK deputy chairman Zulkarnain said when contacted on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

Commission has found two items of evidence sufficient to establish that the Minister of Religious Affairs as a suspect . According to Zulkarnain , the Commission has long been reviewing the implementation of the Hajj .

" It’s already past the Commission assessment , " he said .

Previously, the Commission has conducted an investigation of the implementation of goods and services associated with the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in 2012-2013 . Investigations performed Hajj Commission project focuses on three things . First , the cost of organizing the Hajj ( BPIH ) . Secondly , the procurement of goods and related services Haj accommodation . Third , the Hajj facilities granted to certain parties and not in accordance with the provisions .

KPK chairman Abraham Samad said some time ago that the Commission immediately set suspects linked to project procurement of goods and services in the administration of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in the fiscal year 2012-2013 .

According to Abraham , ” candidate ” suspect this is one of the leaders in Indonesia .

Currently , the party led Suryadharma was included in supporting candidates for president and vice president , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa . Prabowo had also praised the performance as a Minister of Religion Suryadharma . Prabowo assessing , organizing the pilgrimage undertaken by the Ministry of Religious Affairs has been very good every year .


Government of Bekasi give a deadline to the Harapan Indah residential developers to complete construction of TransJakarta bus stop no later than May 26, 2014 . Stops are later used for TransJakarta bus routes Pulogadung - Bekasi .

" Currently TransJakarta does not operate until Bekasi Bekasi stop because infrastructure development is still 90 percent . , But we already rebuked the developers and give them a time limit for the construction of the long mnyelesaikan May 26, 2014 , " said Head of Transport Department of Transportation Bekasi Erwin to , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

( Read: burung pentet gacor )

Erwin said TransJakarta bus stop infrastructure Pulogadung - Bekasi route should be finished soon . The existence of TransJakarta is useful to help break the bottleneck that often occurs in Bekasi . Moreover, the Harapan Indah housing residents in and around many who work in Jakarta .

Erwin said many people who use the access road Bekasi Bekasi toward Pulogadung through Cakung . So the existence of TransJakarta this new route becomes important for the community . “Therefore, it must be operated , ” he said .

As reported , the corridors II Busway route trayeknya add length , from the previous Harmoni - Pulogadung , into harmony - Bekasi . This is for the first time TransJakarta bus service to the airport outside Jakarta .

There was a gain of eight new stops associated with the extension of the route corridor II up to Bekasi . Additional stops include stops KIP , Tipar Cakung , Cakung United Tractors , Market Cakung , Cakung Cilincing , Bekasi Pulo Gebang , Ujung Menteng , and Harapan Indah .

The extension is done in order to improve the TransJakarta bus service to the community . Because the buffer from cities such as Jakarta lot of people to Jakarta . Bus operating hours remained at 05.00 until 22.00 with a ticket price of Rp 2,000 at 05:00 to 07:00 and 07:00 to 22:00 pm at Rp 3,500 .


Concerned with riot act and doodles post - graduation announcement , dozens of students from various SMA / SMK / MA in Magelang District held a rally in front of Government offices Magelang regency , on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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Carrying posters and banners , the students themselves in the name of the Smart Student Forum , they invite the public especially the students to not over after receiving graduation announcements . Since the euphoria of graduation with a melee action actually disturbing the public .

" Frankly , as long as we are troubled by the action of rah-rah and doodles school uniforms when graduation announcements . Therefore , we came here to ask the Regent of Magelang and relevant stakeholders in the region , in anticipation of the action, " said Rise , coordinator of the action on the sidelines of the action .

Their arrival was met by Vice Regent of Magelang , M Zaenal Arifin . Zaenal appreciate the actions taken by representatives of the student because Zaenal in Magelang, there are still students who want to think critically and intelligently .

Related precaution melee action learner , Zaenal claims to have coordinated with the Education Department with the announcement that menentuka time than usual .

" We are very supportive and will meet all their demands . We shared relevant agencies , is already doing a precaution . One of them , will be announced after the graduation at 12.00 . That way , it will minimize the time students will take action rah- rah and doodles uniforms , " he said .

Zaenal said it had instructed the heads of SMA / SMK / MA in Magelang District to announce the graduation not directly , but through a letter or a parent . On the other hand , he also urged the students to collect uniforms for the student council assigned to students in need.

" We have coordinated with the police to take firm action against students who do not obey the convoy with traffic rules , " said Zaenal .


Some members of the body of a 11 -year boy was found in the body of a large crocodile , while his head was found near the crocodile , after he was attacked in Papua New Guinea , a report said on Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

A four -meter crocodile grabbed the boy, Melas Mero , when he was fishing with his parents on Thursday Siloura River in the Gulf Province in the southern part of the Pacific nation , said Lincoln Police Commander Gerari the PNG National newspaper . ” The crocodile beat him with his tail and then attack the defenseless child , ” said Gerari .

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He said police found the two arms , two legs , and pelvis in the crocodile ‘s body after they track and kill it . The boy’s head was found later , and taken to the mortuary .

This is the second attack in Papua New Guinea this year . Similarly, according to a global database maintained researchers at Charles Darwin University in Australia . According to the data CrocBITE , a man , whose age was not disclosed, was killed on January 1 by a crocodile in the Swamp Bay estuary in North Bougainville .

Based on the database , since 1958 , a total of 75 crocodile attacks , with 65 of them fatal lead , which has been recorded in Papua New Guinea .


Head of Management Unit of the National Monument ( Monas ) Haryani Rini denied the elevator to the top of the monument strike for 1.5 hours on Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) . Rini claimed elevator only retained for 20 minutes .

" Yesterday was not really that long elevator breakdowns , lift strike 20 minutes , not too long , " Rini said when contacted on Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) .

( Read: ciblek kalung )

Rini explained , elevator breaking down around 10:35 pm , then the lift was operating again at 11:00 pm . Monas elevator yesterday also operates according enactment hours or around 16:00 pm . The elevator , said Rini , is not problematic because the elevator just last repaired in October 2013 .

The elevator has been tested by Monas monument management unit and operated on March 3, 2014 after a confirmed safe . Rini said , sometimes there is only a decrease in power or voltage can occur at any time . If the voltage drops , the elevator can not operate and remain under .

"If the voltage drops the elevator inoperable and remain in the bottom . , But , at the time the officer immediately rose to the top of the monument through the fire escape , " said Rini .

Rini said that the new elevator has a higher degree of sensitivity than the previous lift . Therefore , when the power voltage is inadequate , the operation of the elevator so constrained .

In addition , Rini said other possibilities that can happen when the strike is the presence of a passenger elevator that jump time of entry into the elevator , but the elevator recently , including sensitive . If surprised by a passenger who jumped , other things can happen , one of which , the lift breaking down.

Rini deplore the lack of technicians from the company provider of new lifts , PT nest Engineering at the scene . With the events like yesterday , it takes time to overcome .

" The plan would coordinate the provision of elevator lift to Singapore so insensitive , " said Rini .

Previously reported , Monas elevator broke down on Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) . The visitors were on top of the monument complained about the incident . Visitors also acknowledge has been stuck in a situation of panic for 1.5 hours .


Former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) , Budi Mulya , hoping the former Finance Minister , Sri Mulyani Indrawati , revealing the truth regarding the Bank Century case while testifying at the Corruption Court (Corruption ) Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) . Sri Mulyani will be questioning related to his position as Chairman of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) at that time .

( Read: burung masteran yang bagus )

" I hope the trial goes well , open and appropriate testimony usual , asked to testify before the panel was asked to reveal the truth , " said Budi at the Corruption Court in Jakarta on Friday .

However , Budi declined to comment about the case material related to the provision of short -term financing facility ( FPJP ) and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect . ” We just follow the first session together . Inikan hearing open to the public , ” said Budi .

Meanwhile , Budi lawyer , Luhut Pangaribuan hope Sri Mulyani explained by consideration of the impact of Bank Century failed bank designated as a systemic effect . ” That explains what benefits after they failed banks charge a systemic effect . Means that the BI proposal that was approved is considered a systemic effect . Described only consideration , ” he said .

Sri Mulyani, who currently serves as Managing Director of World Bank Sri Mulyani will testify to Budi being accused of corruption cases FPJP administration and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect .

Budi indictment , Sri Mulyani relating to the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank so that disbursed systemic impact of temporary investment ( PMS ) otherwise known to bailouts ( bailouts ) of Rp 6,762 trillion .

On 21 November 2008 , at 04:30 pm , Sri Mulyani as Chairman of the Financial System Stability Committee ( KSSK ) when it held a meeting with Boediono as members KSSK , Raden Pardede as KSSK Secretary , and Arief Surjowidjodjo as legal counsel .

Then around 05.30 , Sri Mulyani announced that the meeting KSSK and Coordination Committee meeting has decided the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic effect . After that , the Bank Century was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .

Prior to that decision , the pre KSSK meeting dated 20 November 2008 , Chairman of the Board Rudjito LPS has said that under normal circumstances should not be categorized as Century Bank failed bank systemic effect .

The statement was supported by the Ministry of Finance Head of Fiscal Policy Anggito Abhimanyu who said that the analysis of systemic risk given the BI yet supported and scalable enough data to declare the Bank Century pose systemic risk .

In addition , the Director General (DG ) Tax , Ministry of Finance Fuad Rahmany said that financially Century Bank is a small bank so it will not pose a significant risk to other banks .

Agus Martowardojo who currently serves any central bank governor has told Sri Mulyani to be careful of that decision with limited information because it will be awaited by the public . However , finally Bank Century remains declared as a failed bank systemic effect .

As in the case of alleged corruption , the state allegedly suffered losses amounting to Rp 689.394 billion related to the provision of Rp 6,762 trillion FPJP and Century Bank in determining the impact of systemic bank failure .


Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission , Widjojanto , suggests the institution aiming Golkar Party Treasurer , also looked , in the case of alleged corruption procurement project electronic identity card alias e - ID card . Due to the financial corruption that allegedly cost the state Rp 1.1 trillion . Bambang said the agency principled engagement follow others if there is evidence .

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"The Commission has a fundamental principal , if the process of inquiry and investigation found strong indications of involvement a person based on a minimum of two strong evidence , then the case will be followed up , " Bambang said when contacted by Tempo , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Only , Bambang reluctant to explicitly mention when aiming Setya Commission . However , according to him , anyone can be targeted , depending on the evidence . ( Read also : Commission to Prevent Foreign Suspects E - KTP )

When asked about the Commission is asking also looked at the investigation stage of the e - ID card , Bambang reluctant to answer because the information is regarded as confidential . On Monday, April 28, 2014 , the Commission examine Setya men , as President Director of PT Quadra Solution , Sam Sugiana Sudihardjo . He was examined as a witness to Sugiharto , the suspects in the e - ID card .

When asked about the involvement of Setya through Quadra , Sam did not answer . Dicecar questions while walking to his office , Sam still did not answer . ” I do not want to comment , ” said Anang in front of his office in Menara Duta , Rasuna Said , South Jakarta .


One Stop Service Coordinator ( LTSP ) , Manpower ( Manpower ) province of West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , Zaenal stated that 50 percent of Indonesian workers ( TKI ) from this region over many passes ’ rat lines ’ or unofficial channels .

" Many migrant workers without documents from NTB enter Malaysia through the rats , " said Zaenal in Mataram , Monday ( 28/4 ) .

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According to Zaenal , compared to migrants through official channels , as many as 50 percent of migrant workers from NTB still choose to depart through irregular channels ( illegal ) and 50 percent chose to use official channels ( legally ) .

Zaenal said , if the data from as many as 45 629 LTSP NTB departing migrants through official channels throughout the year 2013. Amount illegal workers range in the same amount .

The illegal migrants are often deceiving public officers to use a passport , or through the flight path into the city, they move from Surabaya to Pontianak , they are often of this region to Malaysia illegally.

Zaenal said , of the 147 km long coast in Pontianak - Malacca border , there were hundreds of ports that serve the crossing into the country of Malaysia . Of this number there were only 10 official ports while the rest are local harbors are often used by illegal migrants to cross into Malaysia .

" Many illegal migrants crossing through the port of the people or the rat lines , " said Zaenal .

However , he added , the tendency of illegal migrants who leave through irregular channels has declined from year to year . This along with the Malaysian government that did the return of migrant workers without documents .

Zainal admitted worrying about the fate of the illegal migrants from NTB , therefore the numbers of migrant workers deported from Malaysia NTB high enough . Years ago, as many as 2,447 migrants in 2013 , for the year 2014 alone in the last three months the deportation rate has reached 1,804 workers.

He reminded that the workers who return home do not become Tekong Tekong - new . The workers are expected to take care of their own documents via the One Stop Service ( LTSP ) .